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Garden Upgrade Roxbury CT
Landcape Design + Planting

Roxbury, CT... I developed the garden beds surrounding the house on 2 levels and outer landscape of this fantastic landscape for 12 years,  upgrading areas one by one over time, adding to the natural scene. The owners are amongst my favorite clients...

What a property: 35 scres, including a whole mountainside in the back of the property and a very large pond in front of the house between it and the corner of the road. There were many spaces for shrub-perennial beds surrounding the house and around the pond.

There was great historical significance to this piece of land, too. MY client was good friends with Arthur Miller who used to live with Marilyn Moonroe right across the street but for the last few decades of his life he lived less than a mile up the road (I was his gardner for a short time, too) as did Richard Widmark, his friend, who was still around at the time. Walter Mattheu owned the entire hillside across the street (these properties are now open to the public, land trusts given to the town).

I Pruned many of the trees, especially the old apple trees, into weeping forms as you see in the rhododendron image on the pond edge.

The Japanese red leaf maples you see in the photos were raised from seedlings on the property, offspring from a large maple near the entryway.

I started planting many varities of colorful Japanese Iris in garden beds along the ponds edge and planted azalea, rhododendron, weigelia, spirea and other flowering shrubs. Here is a gallery of images of my design and  plantings in Roxbury, CT.