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Why Is Masterpiece A GOOD CHOICE  for You?


1. The owner is available, working with you, constantly communicating clear goals while covering basic needs of your garden.

2. I will will not only maintain your property, but also spend time to create something unique for you.

3 I prune and clean yards and gardens properly to increase your property value.

4. This service is non-chemical, 100% organic. I see the health of my clients, their families, pets, as well as the garden and myself and any helpers as a top priority.

5. Masterpiece Gardening designs and long term plant care strategies are well thought out knowing that each situation is unique and requires the thoughtfullness you deserve.  We see too many deisgns created by others that look good at first but fail over time.

This waste occurs by designers spending too little time with clients or in the garden space to evaluate the light, soil and other conditions that are essential to long term plant health. We are in it for the long haul and respect our clients, our impact on the community and the plants we work with too much to hurry such an important process.