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Welcome to Masterpiece Gardening, A 100% Organic Garden Maintenance, Consultation and Design Service for San Francisco and Marin County
A scene from Twin Peaks Garden


Please visit our gardens in the photo galleries to the left.

Our plant combinations are the key ingredients to create natural scenes as you often see in botanical gardens.

The mix of color, form and scents in our gardens are enjoyed by many neighborhoods and communities and also attract and feed butterflies, birds and honey bees.  Business visitors also receive a warm welcome from our Entry Scene plantings (see Folsom Street garden).


We offer the following:


*Weekly-Monthly Garden Visits

*Garden Consultation-Advice-Design, Remote or On site, helping upgrade gardens anywhere and anytime

*Garden Restoration-Upgrade- Installation

*Front Entry Mini-Garden Beds

*Expert Pruning

*Organic Insect+Disease Control

*Patio Container Gardens

*Indoor Plant Design and Care

*Real Estate Sale Staging Upgrades


Here are 4 different ways we can start


1. We can meet for a consultation to evaluate your garden situation and offer ideas for suggested changes, care strategy and a summary-game plan.

2. We can create a new design and do the installation with a completely new, fresh start or by recreating-rearranging an existing garden by transplanting and adding new plant combinations.

3. Weekly-monthly maintenance visits for your garden while also patiently upgrading the beds and plant combinations over time.

4. Remote planning: We can consult-advise via sent images to form a game plan and steer the overall direction of any garden, anywhere in the world.




Email us at sfgarden77@gmail.com

Call us at 415-238-2020




Licensed, with Horticulture Degrees. What can we do to improve your situation?