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Thanks for stopping by my internet garden home. My name is Scott and I was born in San Francisco in the 60's.  It was an interesting time and place to grow up. The situation is ripe with ironic terms like "flower power" and "be sure to wear a flower in your hair".

My 1st Horticulture degree was from City College of San Francisco in the 80's while I worked weekends and nights in a nursery at Fisherman's Wharf.

In 1991 I started Masterpiece Gardening in Woodbury, Connecticut, a very special place. I returned to SF to garden most Winters, a welcome change from the New England cold and a chance to mesh my East Coast skills with Western gardening knowledge.  I moved back home to SF a few years ago and Masterpiece Gardening followed me. 

 In CT I worked directly with and/or managed gardens of some legendary characters such as (the estate of) scupltor Alexander Calder, playwrite Stephen Sondheim,  singer James Taylor, Arthur Miller, Walter Mattheu, Richard Widmark, Dianne Sawyer and Mike Nichols, etc. 

It was an truly a dream and an invaluable learning experience to develop and upgrade their vast gardens along with many other garden projects over the years in Ct.

I published The Purple Rose Newsletter which served as a community voice for 3 years every other month, promoting organic gardening practices and offering tips. 

 Mixing styles: I often combine Asian gardening ideas of raising beds and placing plants next to rocks along with English ideas of using colorful perennial choices in combination. I also plant unusual combinations in containers and flower boxes which can fill a small space or patio with various colors, forms, combinations.

 It's good to be back home in SF to offer you my gardening service on a regular basis. I'd be glad to set up a meeting or to take a look at your situation if you email or call.

If you are one of my past clients from CT looking into this website Thank You for making Masterpiece Gardening what it is today and I hope all is growing well. Feel free to contact me...I'll be around :) Looking foward to hearing from some of you and feel free to visit anytime, this site will change constantly just like a garden.