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"Over several weeks, Scott developed a vision of what our gardens could become. In my experience, he is unusually sensitive to the potential of a site and listens attentively to both his human client and the soil, conditions, and existing flora."

"Scott has created gardens in front of our house and in back that are visually pleasing and quietly artful."

"I gave Scott the challenge to find mostly natives for our gardens, and he has surpassed my best hopes in the number, variety, and beauty of the specimens he found through diligent research throughout the bay area. He has skillfully woven these natives in among existing plants in a harmonious design achieved by judicious relocation and aesthetic balance. I am very pleased with Scott's work and recommend Masterpiece Gardening highly."

Our back yard is looking splendid this morning, with small and complicated blossoms peeking out all over the place. I identified gentians and gilias and there several more that are just glowing back there. Thanks so much for bring such variety and native integrity to our plantings.


Thanks so much for getting things in shape for the wedding. It looks great, and we took lots of photos in the garden and on the deck. I appreciate your work and enjoy working with you. Thanks again.


The natives you found are so stunning! Where have they been hiding? I haven't seen them at the few nurseries I've visited and gardeners who worked with me before have not found such a gorgeous array to
propose. Thanks for persevering within the native boundary I requested--I really appreciate it.


Scott Fernandez has been my gardener for 5 years. Everything was overgrown and full of weeds...a mess. Today you wouldn't believe it is the same place. Everyone who sees it now can't get over how beautiful it is.

Scott is excellent at projecting how things would look if new flowers were used, old ones moved and the same for shrubs and bushes. When he prunes a tree it is a joy to the eye.

He may seem young for all his knowledge but he has been doing this for quite some time. Scott is a responsible and interesting individual and I would not hesitate to recomend him to anyone.

I feel privaleged to have him as a friend-which doesn't influence my thoughts on all of the above.

Ruth P. Todd

Redding, Connecticut